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DokiDays #57: Storytelling Tips
It's after midnight and I'm bored...I colored two comic pages, I did my housing application for next year, I took some Chemistry notes, I put (most of) my clean clothes away, I packed my backpack for tomorrow morning, I inked two more comic pages...I've just been "too productive" today; I still have motivation but nothing much left to do. Not in the time I have left, anyway.
So I'm doing this now.
Once upon a time, a friend from the Flipline Forums asked me for some storytelling tips. And although I consider myself a good storyteller, I was still flattered to be asked because, despite all the time I've spent trying to tell stories in my internet life, I haven't actually finished very many...^^'
So here's what I told her, plus a few edits from the present me. I hope you budding writers out there find this helpful~.
1. Stick to what you know
I believe the best comedy comes from a subject the comedian knows really well. The same goes for stories. Even if you like the idea of writin
:icondokidokitsuna:DokiDokiTsuna 6 3
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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hiya! How's it going? Hope you're doing well! I'm Adam. Nice to meet you! Welcome to my gallery. I'm a type of guy who likes to draw stuff, make characters, write parody songs, and do plenty of other random stuff. Sit back, take a look at the stuff I've got, and have a nice day regardless!

I love doing requests and trades, but sometimes I might have other things I wanna do first, so always be sure to ask if I'm open!
Requests - Ask Me by SweetDuke Trades - Ask Me by SweetDuke

Feel free to draw my characters in something, but please credit me and link my DeviantArt page in its description and let me know if you're doing, did, or going to do it. And if you do make fan art, I'd love to see it. But I like to keep my content clean, so please don't make any mature or inappropriate art of them.

You can also make covers of the song parodies I make and put it on YouTube or something like that. But once again, try to let me know you're doing it and credit me and link my YouTube or my DeviantArt page in its description. And send me the link. I'd love to see it!


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Dana Hardscrabble
Here's a character who's never appeared in any story of mine. He was originally going to play a role in the 12th installment of my old series Star Guardians, but since I stopped updating that at the 11th, I've got a whole world and plot for a pretty big 12th installment that I'm probably never gonna make. It's sad, really. And Hardscrabble's one of my favorite newcomers in the story, so I decided to give the guy a little love by redrawing him.

Since the story he's in probably won't be a thing--unless you guys really want me to make it--here's his backstory in a not-so-brief explanation:

The story is called 12 Years and it involves the main characters Plainsworth, Yvette, Neo, and Narvira travelling through the future because apparently Yvette ran for "president" (I put that in quotes since the actual title isn't really president, but has pretty much the same role as one) in the future. Unfortunately, somehow she uncharacteristically became an evil overlord in her presidency, and now Kronis, the god of time sort of guy, goes back to the past (present) to get them to change the future. In the present-near future, Dana Hardscrabble was a kind and humble millworker and farmer living alone in his mill. He was a pretty calm guy who cared a lot about the planet. In the more distant future though, due to an accident I haven't thought of a lot details for yet involving electricity, he had to get a lot of prosthetics done, and instead called over steamworker and inventor SP Langham to make him suitable to live again. This is what's in the picture now. About 6-9 years from the present, he became president as his steam-powered self. As president, he's an insane environmentalist and liberal who's banned anything harming for the environment. He made it illegal to throw waste in its wrong bin, to use paper made from trees, and especially to use anything involving electricity, due to his accident. The entire country is without electricity, and that's all I've thought of so far, alongside a bunch of subplots.

Wow, that was long. If you guys are interested, maybe I can muster up enough of my imagination to actually finish the 11th installment, make the 12th one, and give Star Guardians a proper finale. It'd be nice to work with my old characters again after such a long time. Read some of it here and tell me what you think:

OC, story, artwork (c) VulpesVespa
Creature 8: Cryptogon
Not a lot is known about the mysterious Cryptogons. Scientists have determined that they're not organic lifeforms--they don't even appear to be made of any elements we know of. It's been determined that they're not from our world, but somehow they've ended up here through ways not yet discovered. Every different Cryptogon has a unique shape, but keep their floating red eye in the center. The substance Cryptogons are made of are apparently very hard and durable, but causes immense pain to whatever touches it. Because of this, it's very hard for anyone to learn anything about them.

Habitat: Unknown
Diet: Unknown
Etymology: "Cryptic" + the suffix "-gon" meaning "shape"

Creature, artwork (c) VulpesVespa
Anyone wanna see some fan art of Flipline's Mindy during Holi?
Creature 7: Adver
Advers are interesting humanoid creatures that secrete a highly viscous orange liquid that can be used as a very strong adhesive. Their gluey liquid is used by them to mark their territory in the wild and trap any predators or prey. Their glue is very sticky though, and can get strewn all over themselves and their surroundings if they're not careful. And since they're a clumsy species, this happens a lot. Scientists have found use of Advers' glue, and they find them very useful to use. Some have even caught some to have around labs as little pets.

Habitat: Forests, plains, or lakes
Diet: Tree sap, fruits, and very small animals
Etymology: Based on "adhere"

Creature, artwork (c) VulpesVespa


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